With Google becoming more and more selective about which sites get ranked at the top of the free listings, a lot of people are deciding it is easier to just pay them to place your ad at the top of the page instead, but it is not always that simple so I am providing this as a service to a few clients until my time is all booked out.

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Click the video to stop/start playIf your campaigns are setup correctly, Google Pay Per Click (PPC) AdWords work really well, as member of the Google Engage for Agencies programme and having setup hundreds of campaigns myself I can help you with that right now if you are one of the few who are prepared to take immediate action and secure my services before I’m fully booked up.

Google AdWords Campaign Creation includes:

    • Researching and Compiling up to 2,000 keywords to trigger your ad
    • Composing two text ads in accordance with the AdWords usage guidelines
    • Setting up ad rotation for split testing your ads for continual improvement
    • Integrate conversion tracking in to your website so you know which keywords are working and how much each conversion costs
    • Enable geographical targeting so your ad only shows to users in your chosen regions
    • Create Ad Extensions for Call Extensions, Sitelink Extensions, Offer Extensions and Location Extensions
    • Help you choose your daily budget and setup billing to Google
    • Claim your free £75 Google Advertising Credit (for new advertisers)

Google AdWords Campaign Review Includes

    • Rewriting the lowest performing ad based on click through rates and/or conversion rates and costs.
    • Review keywords based on click through rates and conversions and adjust bid prices accordingly to increase conversions
    • Review of website landing page based on keywords achieving clicks throughs
    • Decide if any keywords would warrant ‘peel and stick’ into their own campaign
    • Add any new keywords
    • Remove or setup as negative any keywords generating the wrong traffic
    • Check daily budget and review any recommendations from Google

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