Learn why seeing isn’t always believing

If you’ve been anywhere near me over the last few years you’ll know a large part of what we’ve been doing is about getting your website ranked in Google, on the basis that when your website is at the top of the search results for the search term relating to what you sell, then it is a ‘good thing’ that leads to increased enquiries, sales, and ultimately growth of your business.

As with anything you are trying to achieve one of the most important aspects is determining your starting position and monitoring your results, and it’s the same with your search engine position.

So do you know what position your website is in Google for your top search term?

If you have searched for your phrase and seen your site listed in the top 30, for example, are you aware that you might not be seeing the actual listing? Google might be tailoring the results specifically for you, based on your location, based on your Google login, or based on your surfing habits. Google might even be aware of which is your own website and show a preference for including it in the results they return to you.

So with all this personalisation going on it is hard to know exactly what your actual ranking is. Fortunately, I have a solution for this in our new software, which has been specifically created to return 100% accurate search engine rankings so you can accurately check your Google position. What’s more this tool can be used for an unlimited number of keywords, and an unlimited number of websites. So if your company has more than one website then you can use it to check your Google position and track your search engine rankings for all of them using the same tool.

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