Security Changes from Google

Your Website is Involved

Dear Website Owner

You may argos-not-securehave noticed that recently this new info icon has appeared in the address bar of your web pages in the Google Chrome web browser. Why is it important?

This is important because as things stand at the moment, if you click the info icon you’ll see a popup which states the website is not secure, as shown in this example of a page on the Argos website, but that is all about to change.

If you own a website, and Google is saying this about it, then you might be concerned about that!

However in the next few weeks things will get even more worrying as your site is going to suddenly start looking like this.

argos-not-secure-info-icon Over the next few weeks Google is rolling out a program to label all sites that are not using a secure certificate as Insecure, as shown in this example on the Forbes blogs website.

Very soon, all sites not using secure certificates will be labelled by Google Chrome and the other web browsers as “Not Secure”, not really very good for business and building trust with your customers!

forbesUp until now these insecure sights were considered ‘normal websites’, and secure certificates were reserved only for e-commerce websites taking credit card transactions or those websites whose owners wanted to make the statement that they take security seriously.


The LetsEncrypt campaign is promoting the new industry standard that ALL websites should be encrypted.

Whilst top of the range secure certificates cost in the region of £299+VAT per annum, there are a new level of short range certificates which under specific circumstances can be acquired free of charge and without the previous in depth organisation validation process. As an absolute minimum level of security these ‘Lite’ SSL secure certificates should now be installed on all live websites.

Google is setting the standard

chrome-most-popular-2016Although at the moment it is only the Google Chrome web browser which is forcing this labelling, we expect the other web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari to follow suit in due course.

Google Chrome has now become the most popular web browser and is used by the majority of people, as shown in this graph on Wikipedia, from StatCounter.

http-pages-in-chromeIn a further release due shortly, Google will be updating Chrome again, to label all websites which don’t use secure certificates as Not secure, in big red letters, effectively putting a big warning sign on your website, and in the minds of your potential customers.

What do you think that’s going to do for sales if you don’t have a secure certificate?

Here at Advanta we have been installing top of the range secure certificates for our customers for many years, you can see an example of ours in the address bar above.

To support the LetsEncrypt campaign we are offering you a free secure certificate for your website if you move your website hosting business to us. The certificate will be free forever(as long as you continue to host your website with us).

The evolution of the website according to Google Chrome

Find out more about this change to your customers browsing landscape and how it is likely to affect you by calling us on 0115 822 4546 or by completing the form below and we will get back to you at your convenience.

Don’t leave it too long though as this change was scheduled for 21st January 2017 but fortunately Google is slightly late in rolling it out so it hasn’t happened yet, but don’t be surprised if your website suddenly has a big red Google warning on it the next time you look at it.

Act now and get ahead of this impending update from Google.

Your website secured within the next five days, guaranteed

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