How to setup your Advanta Hosted Email account on an iPhone or iPad

Step by Step Instructions with Screenshots

From your home screen locate and tap the settings icon, as indicated
On the Settings screen tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
then tap Add Account
and on the Add Account page select Other at the bottom of the list
On this screen click Add Mail Account
Now enter your name, email address and password for your account. You can also add a description, useful if you have multiple email addresses. Then tap Next.
Click Next, make sure that IMAP is selected at the top of the screen
In the Incoming mail server section put, your username is your email address, your password should be entered already. Then put the same in the Outgoing Mail Server section & click Next
Then when it comes up with Mail and Notes, deselect Notes, and click Save.
Now we just need to make sure your Sent Items are setup correctly so they are synchronised across all your devices

Setting up Sent Items

To check your Sent Items setup go back into Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars> and you will see your account listed under your email address, click on it and then click on Account and scroll down to Advanced and then Sent Mailbox and click on the Inbox in the section On the Server, to expand the folders, and then click on the Sent Items folder so it is ticked.

This makes sure that when you send an email on your ipad it will show up in your sent items in your iphone and your laptop instead of only being on the ipad.

If you want to you can do the same with your Deleted mailbox, but I don’t bother because if you delete something it generally doesn’t matter if it’s on all your devices, or you wouldn’t have deleted it. Then that’s it and when you go into Mail from your home screen your messages will all be there.

On an Android phone the steps are similar, to get started just go to Home > Settings > Accounts > Email (Or Outlook if you have it installed) If you have any problems setting up just give us a call on 0115 822 4546 and we’ll talk you through it.