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This FREE Guide Will Show You the 10 Things You Absolutely Must Be Doing on Your Website

Your website has to look good, work well AND market your business to the right people. It needs to engage with your visitors, make them interested in what you offer and give them confidence in you as a supplier. Does yours?

Design Trends Come and Go But a Website Should Always Perform

In the last twenty years websites have evolved considerably. Some of our team members remember the early days of the ‘world wide web’, as it used to be called. The founder member Roger Davies even remembers the very old days where the domain naming committee, of which his employer was a member, had to approve every domain name application before it was registered. Things have certainly changed a lot since then!


Not all progress has been good for the bottom line though. As web designers have been able to do more and more clever things, the website objective is often overlooked in favour of the latest widgets and gizmo’s. These design trends don’t always turn site visitors into customers or new sales, which should always be the primary objective.

So with the help of this free guide you can start to bring your website focus back around to generating new leads, customers, sales and profits.

This FREE guide will show you the 10 proven up-to-the-minute ways to increase your leads, sales and profits through your website. You will benefit from the years of experience in the business behind this guide. You can implement those things that are proven to work and avoid doing the things that don’t.

The 10 Things You Absolutely Must Be Doing on Your Website Today

In the guide you’ll learn the no.1 thing you must have on your homepage to increase user time on site, how to incentivise your website visitors to readily hand over their contact details and declare themselves a lead, and how to stop traffic prematurely leaking from your site.


You will be shown a simple way to keep site visitors engaged with what you’re saying and how to get them to come back to you for more, plus you’ll find out what to do if your site isn’t getting the results you want and how to find out which bits are working and – perhaps more importantly – which bits aren’t.


You’ll discover how to harness Google to keep your site top of mind with your visitors, even after they’ve gone elsewhere, how to access those all important metrics and your top tip of the day to ensure you never forget to renew your domain name again. You’ll learn how to work out the amount to invest in your website and how to get the most from that investment, whatever industry you’re in.

The guide is available to you right now, for free, even if it’s 2am. Just fill in the form below and you will get immediate access and be able to start reading it right away.

Advanta is now in its 10th year of operations so we know what works and what doesn’t – You can learn from all the mistakes we’ve seen!

What works as far as your bottom line is concerned is a website that generates, leads, sales and profits from new and existing customers.


At Advanta we call this a Direct Response Website Solution. You can start working to convert your existing website with this free guide, have a completely new one built for you by us, or a combination thereof.


A Direct Response Website will get new leads into your sales funnel and start them on your sales process. By offering visitors something of value up front that will help them and their business, you can start interacting with them. They’ll give you their contact details in exchange for the information you’re offering if it’s valuable enough to them, and through the right follow up you can start a dialogue by helping them with their requirement.


As you will learn in the free guide, testing is part of an effective direct response website too. You find out what works and what doesn’t, and make changes and improvements so that your website becomes a finely tuned marketing tool that keeps giving you better and better results.


Advanta have been making websites for almost ten years, and the founder Roger Davies, has been in the industry for almost 20 years. So you can rest assured your new Direct Response Website, whether built by you or by us, will continue to succeed in this fast-changing environment as we use our considerable experience to help you stay on track with what really works.

And what will really work for you is a website that generates leads, sales and profits!

You can transform your existing website into a lead and sales-generating machine just by reading and following the guide. It’ll take you step by step through the 10 absolutely essential things you need to be doing on your website based on what really works, today.


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